Mateo Hao

Radius Line     


Walnut, Ash, White Oak, Steel, Resin

Custom, built-to-order parametric furniture. Height, width, depth, number of drawers and shelves, and material can be chosen from a convenient website interface.

My contribution was providing the parametric equations to control the position and proportions of all customizable elements, joinery design,  manufacturing techniques, and prototyping.

Design by Paul Munson.

Miranda Chair     


Ash, Walnut, White Oak

Solid wood chair with seamless joinery. No reinforcement is used in the product.

My contribution was providing joinery design, tooling, prototypes, and manufacturing workflow.

Design by Sylvan Ray.

Geta Bako


Red Elm

Solid wood cabinet for storing shoes and boots.

Services included joinery design, CAM work, and fabricating the carcase components on a 5-axis CNC machine.

Design by Devin Farrell.

Cellar Door


84" x 36" x 2.5"
Black Acacia

Japanese Temple Gate-inspired door.

Sliding dovetails on the backside of the 30’ wide panel. Double tenons in the top and bottom rails.

Copyright by Mateo Hao. All rights reserved.